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Great Interviews of the 20th Century - Ronnie Kerrigan discusses his novel: Sink

This is an edited version of Ronnie Kerrigan's interview with Tanya Shepherd, first published inDogs Monthly, November 22, 1996
Tanya Shepherd:  What influenced you to pursue writing as a career? Ronnie Kerrigan:Basically, I'm an exhibitionist with nothing worthwhile to exhibit. I'm totally devoid of literary, or poetic talent. Anyone who ever read my printed work would be painfully aware of this fact.

What's the best advice you have ever been given? Don't move or I'll shoot.
Your parents were schoolteachers. Did this have any particular influence? I remember our home was covered in books. Roof tiles would have been more effective. I believe they would have prevented the rain encroaching and soaking our clothes, beds and watering down our food. Of course, it was a household full of readers. One day I counted twenty five, and I didn't know a single person.
Were your family energetic and battling people? My mother was highly energetic both physically and mentall…