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Girl Talk: Aimee and Lily Kerrigan

Lily Kerrigan was born on June 22, 2012 to my daughter, Emma Kerrigan
When I was one week old I thought I had lots of mothers too. You only have one.Anyway, where was I? I know. My name is Aimee, I'm a girl. Your name is Lily and you're a baby girl.Girls develop in all sorts of ways faster than boys.Don't ask me how, or why? I just know.
Everyone seems to talk to babies in high-pitched voices and shake noisy rattles and toys in our faces. Just play along with them, smile and raise your eyebrows. Then there's tickling our toes and playing 'This Little Piggy.' Look happy and put on a brave face.

I don't remember nodding my head as much as you do? Your face expressions make me giggle. One minute you're smiling, then frowning, then surprised, or wide-eyed and a bit frightened. You don't like loud noises, that's for sure. I like watching you smile when you're asleep.What can you be thinking about? Probably your mummy, milk, and beautiful lights …

Writing with Courage, Truth and Integrity: The Bravery and Determination of Malala Yousafzai

Sometimes for a writer to resonate in modern culture the narrative requires courage, truth and integrity; a commitment to freedom and justice. Many writers, bloggers and journalists throughout the world have been murdered, or brutally beaten, because they wrote about crime, corruption and the right to freedom of expression. 

What about the acts of suffering and violence occurring in the world at this moment orchestrated by those in power and in control of information, knowledge and the media? What is their agenda? One of their many objectives is to distort the truth about those who do not have power.
I greatly admire the bravery and determination ofMalala Yousafzai, the 14-year-old schoolgirl, who committed no crime, but was shot at point-blank range in the head by a Taliban gunman for her campaign for girls' education in Pakistan and for speaking out against 'Taliban oppression'. I hope she makes a full recovery. Given the extent of her injuries, however, it will be…