Thursday, April 16, 2009

Hay Fever & Bliss

My daughter said something was 'bliss' today. It reminded me of attending a play by Noel Coward in London titled Hay Fever - I sneezed continuously throughout the production. I believe it was Noel Coward's first comic success - not the sneezing, the play. The theme of the play is as old as Roman comedy: self-seeking, ludicrous people are attracted to fame and fortune and get their just rewards when they discover they are hopelessly out of their depth. It appears nothing changes in life. Some people can be slow in recognising the worthlessness of material things.

I was stopped by the police today for speeding which I found extremely upsetting - I was walking at the time. I think I’ll appeal the conviction with rigor if only I could find him.

I'm looking forward to seeing Steven Berkoff (actor, director, playwright, author, etc.) in a live performance where he will present an exploration and analysis of Shakespeare`s most villainous characters. Berkoff remains a rare, authentic talent. Long may it continue.

I love to watch rain from the local library. When particularly heavy it is amusing to observe people rushing with their shoulders hunched up believing this keeps them dryer. The windshield wipers on the vehicles sometimes travel super-fast sending flying raindrops to torment drenched souls even further. Those that curse the rain fight a losing battle.

Reflections: I remember a manager at work once asked me how a project was going. H felt it was behind schedule, poor devil. I responded much too quickly and put my foot in my mouth. I was unable to talk, my shoelaces were tied together. He just sighed and returned to his burrow.