Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dreams & Cécile De France

The curse of 'the potato' struck again last night just as I was about to marry Cécile De France. You may find this childish, but to have a potato replace Cécile in my dream was like having the sun replaced by heavy rain, and I don’t wear a coat, or carry an umbrella to bed. The potato, this time, was dressed in clothing of the opposite gender. However, it was the potato's pronounced eyes, exaggerated bodily mannerisms, and missing nose which unsettled me the most. 

Perhaps 'the potato' has been to see the The Rocky Horror Show too many times with the girls from the office? The potato sang and danced to Cole Porter's song, "I Get a Kick Out of You". I can still see the slinky red dress it wore, the flat lipsticked mouth, its wild green eyes; the pitiless hideous voice ...  To be honest I’m dreading falling asleep tonight. What if the potato surprises me and turns up disguised as a carrot? I’d contact the police but they would think I was nuts, and get me to confess my fear of being eaten alive by a large root vegetable.

I have great compassion for anyone who has to write travel brochures. How many ways are there to describe golden beaches, blazing suns, the kindliness of local people, pick-pockets and muggers? It reminds me that I am still searching for my ‘tone of voice.’ Everything I write is dispassionate and bereft of artistic thinking. In fact, any person I show my work to is disturbed by it. An unapologetic acquaintance had the audacity to tell me, 'Please do not take this the wrong way. For now, go back to bed.'

Anyway, I’m still pondering whether to use first-person, second-person, third-person, fourth-person, or fifth-person narration in my novel. Frankly, I could write as a woman, or a vegetable, and still not get published. I haven't ruled out that I might have to wait forever for inspiration that may never come.

Reflections: As I get older I seem to mumble with greater coherence. This is deliberate. If certain people, with whom I do not wish to communicate, understand what I am saying, they are gravely mistaken.